kafa logoWebsite:
Tel: 76-090910
E-mail: Website:
Fax: 961-1-392220
Address: 43, Badaro Street, Beydoun Bldg, First Floor. Beirut, Lebanon

Established in 2005 by a group of multi-disciplinary professionals and human rights activists, KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation is a Lebanese non-profit, non-political, non-confessional civil society organization committed to the achievement of gender-equality and non-discrimination, and the advancement of the human rights of women and children.
KAFA envisions a society where all its citizens live free of violence and exploitation and where they have equal access to opportunities and results and their human rights are respected, protected and enjoyed. KAFA believes that women’s and children’s rights are integral to this achievement and to building a free and fair society.

Tel: 76-350284

ARM is a grassroots movement created by young activists in Lebanon, in collaboration with migrant community leaders. Together they work on documenting, investigating, exposing and fighting racist practices in Lebanon, through various initiatives and campaigns.Their current efforts are mainly targeted towards racism (and other discriminatory and exploitative practices) against migrant workers, specifically.

Tel: 01-499767 01-48330
Fax: 01-494713
Address: Sin El Fil – Kalaa. P.O.Box: 165274 Achrafieh Beirut 1100 2030, Lebanon.

Created in 1994, Caritas Lebanon Migrants Centers has been working hard to uphold human dignity and respect of human rights without any discrimination. It has taken the lead in providing assistance for asylum-seekers, refugees, and migrant workers in Lebanon.

68450_393751414033068_804907797_n copyWebsite:
Tel: 01-485237 70-893144
Address: Sin el Fil, street 88, Sector 1, (close to Galery Al Arez in Nabaa).

Insan Association is an independent, non-profit humanitarian and human rights organisation serving individuals, families and children from the most marginalised communities in Lebanon. Most are migrant workers, refugees and non-IDs deprived of their basic rights due to severe poverty, lack of legal status, isolation and racism. With a holistic approach offering psycho-social, legal and educational support as well as advocacy Insan aims to enable these communities to obtain their rights.

The Afro-Asian Migrant Centre

Tel: 01/332601.
Address: Université St. Joseph’s church, 1st Floor, near Tabaris, Ashrafieh, Beirut.

AAMC Provides a place for housemaids to come on their day off, as well as religious instruction and guidance to migrants through a radio program on the Voice of Charity radio station 87.5 FM, 105.8 FM and 106.2 FM every Sunday between 8:00pm and 9:30pm, and on Friday afternoon at 4:00pm. The program includes a reading of the gospel, publicizes activities and offers advice to its listeners in their own languages. AAMC publishes, with the assistance of migrant workers, a periodic newsletter entitled Solidarity.


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