Sri Lankan housemaids in Lebanon: A case of  ‘Symbolic Violence’ and ‘Everyday forms of Resistance’ – Nayla Moukarbel (2009)

Lebanon: A country of emigration and immigration – Paul Tabar (2010)

Without Protection : How the Lebanese Justice System Fails Migrant Domestic Workers – Human Rights Watch (2010)

Moving towards decent work for domestic workers: An overview of the ILO’s work – Asha D’Souza (2010)

Trafficking of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon: A Legal Analysis – Kathleen Hamil (2011)

Information Guide For Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon – Ministry of Labour (2012)

Policy Paper on Reforming the “Sponsorship System” for Migrant Domestic Workers: Towards an Alternative Governance Scheme in Lebanon – KAFA (2012)

Women Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon – Ray Jureidini (2002)

Trafficking and contract migrant workers in the Middle East – Ray Jureidini (2010)

Servant, daughter, or employee? A Pilot Study on the Attitudes of Lebanese Employers towards Migrant Domestic Workers – KAFA (2010)


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